If you’re looking for a new aerial, or if you have been at any time in the past few years, you have more than likely gone to search engines such as Google to do your research on installers, procedures and most importantly, prices.

If you've done this then I can almost guarantee you will have seen Google ad’s and listings claiming something along the lines of.

Aerials For Less Than £50 – TV Aerials Installed For Less Than £50

Now, naturally most people will look at this and think “Excellent, what a reasonable price” however, unfortunately, this is a complete and utter myth. Many people claim that they will come and install your brand new aerial for just £50 or less, however in reality what you will actually get, is a small, low quality aerial bolted onto your existing broken one.

The installation company will then run a cable from that aerial through your window or the easiest way and into your home, usually leaving you with an ugly mess, and an aerial with questionable reception quality.

And then when it doesn't work they will then proceed to up sell you in to an expensive option totally conning you in to something you do not need… IT’S WRONG

We don’t do this practice here at Orbital, because we believe it is deceptive and wrong, and believe us, it’s always better to pay that little bit more than to pay for one of these cut price botch jobs. We quote from £97.00+vat this is genuine.

Work it out, how can a company come round and fit a new aerial including all the parts and labour, travelling time, and a guarantee all for £50 its impossible. It’s just a ploy to get to your doorstep to up sell you in to something you don’t need.

You have all seen watchdog!!! They are the companies all quoting the £50 myth.

If you have been caught out by this in the past, please share your story and pictures with us, and help us spread the message to your friendly, family, and people across the country so that everyone can be more educated about this, and we can put a stop to people being tricked into such “deals”.

Original article can be seen here - http://www.tv-aerials.co.uk/aerials-...-one-big-myth/